The Tailor

A tailor made suit fits like no other, from the first to the final fitting; each part of the fabric is moulded to the structure and movement of your body. With over 50 years experience in tailoring men’s suits, Mario Borgetto has seen and created beautiful garments to fit a variety of different men of all shapes.

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The Fabric

We source the most luxurious fabric from around the world. It is essential the fabric is the best quality to ensure the movement and structure of the suit is maintained over time.

The Details

As well as tailor making a suit that is structured on the basis of an individual’s body, minor details such as an individuals choice of coloured lining and piping and embroided initials on the inside personalizing the garment.

Having a tailor made suit for your wedding adds to the uniqueness and experience of your upcoming wedding. Like your bride to be, you too will have a unique garment for the special day.

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